Monday, October 24, 2022

IT outstaffers

 Fear: what if outstaffers work too slowly? What to do then?

At the start of the project, the productivity of employees is only gaining momentum - this applies to both full-time fighters and outstaff teams. Do not rush to form your opinion while the processes are being set up. Experienced contractors know that all potential problems usually appear in the first weeks, so they are especially attentive to the project at the beginning.

Client's perspective

The term, according to the results of which it is possible to draw conclusions about the employee, strongly depends on the role. For example, a designer or tester shows the result faster - usually after two sprints. In fact, we are ready to look at an employee for up to three months and not cut it off the shoulder. If it doesn't fit, please replace it. But this doesn't happen often.

IT staff augmentation

 Fact: Our internal research shows how good onboarding improves developer satisfaction by up to 20%, which has a positive effect on developer engagement.

The best option is two meetings. The first one is installation, when we talk about the product, its value, discuss future tasks, share documentation, and answer questions. So that a person is understandable, and most importantly, the project that he has to deal with is interesting.

The second meeting is organizational, when the technical team helps to get the necessary access, understand where everything is, where and by what rules to commit, what the product architecture looks like, tell some features, and so on. If the guys live in a common paradigm of team processes, then onboarding is easy and fast. At first they work a little slower, but in the process they accelerate and merge into a single stream. Of course, at the start, the internal team may negatively evaluate external “newcomers” - this is a normal process that is usually solved organically at the level of a technical lead and in some situational communications.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Difficulties of outstaffing

Outsourcing has long been a daily practice in the labor market. You can easily find a potential employee anywhere in the world. This phenomenon is most evident in the IT industry. For workers in this industry, the limit of knowledge and technical skills is set only by their own desire to become better.

Of course, there is some classification, but this does not negate the fact that you can find good specialists anywhere. Technology knows no boundaries and is available for everyone to learn. Because of this, the difficulties of working in IT come down not only to technology and professional skills.

There are three polarities that arise when evaluating a problem:

  • The problem requires a technical/creative approach
  • Problem solved / not solved
  • The problem occurred due to a misunderstanding/carelessness

The nature of how a person looks at a problem will bear a clear imprint of his culture. And since this fingerprint is different for everyone, these differences can get in the way of promising outstaffing. Let's look at this issue in more detail.

Benefits of outstaffing

In this article, we have summarized what we currently know about the market and customer needs. We opened the door to our inner kitchen and showed how we can work.

To summarize very briefly, here are the advantages of outstaffing for web production:

  • Long and well-predictable load of developers. It can be calculated, it is easy to manage.
  • Our team gets versatile experience and is pumped at a speed of x3.
  • We cannot get stuck with an incorrect fix price estimate, because we do not work according to such a model.

Here are the benefits for the client:

  • The ability to quickly build up IT expertise. Focus on the product goal, not the HR routine.
  • Deep integration of a specialist into your team.
  • Rapid scaling of the team in both directions: strengthen if necessary, stop cooperation at the end of the project - and no one will be fired.

At the intersection of these pluses, we are building a long-term partnership, growing staff and increasing turnover. And we don't plan to stop!

IT outstaffers

 Fear: what if outstaffers work too slowly? What to do then? At the start of the project, the productivity of employees is only gaining mome...